Is an online degree worth anything?

You've seen the spam: "University diplomas!!!" "Get your bachelor's degree in 30 days!" These so-called "degree mills" will sell you a fake degree without requiring anything more than your credit-card number.
But legitimate, regionally accredited programs, such as those from the University of Iowa, Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, Bellevue University in Nebraska and the University of Phoenix (part of the for-profit Apollo Group), do exist. They offer the real opportunity to earn bachelors and master's degrees, even doctorates, online -- sometimes without ever setting foot on campus.

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Nowa publikacja Online Simulations 2005

Publikacja zawiera (za
- At-A-Glance charts to quickly get a sense of what a product or supplier can do for you
- Important technical specifications and product features to help you identify simulation tools and providers that meet your business needs
- Extensive online comparative tools to compare systems or providers side-by-side
- Metadata information to spotlight simulation trends and practices

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Cisco Launches Learning Game Trilogy

Free Access to Online Games Allows Users to Sharpen Network Skills and Match Talents with Other Networking Professionals

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Challenging LMS Direction

Based on research, including analysis and in-depth private roundtable discussions with over 20 major European Companies, eLearnity has concluded that:
1. Large corporates are generally too slow in embracing LMSs and too limited in their aspiration for them. For large organisations, LMSs are fundamental to enabling a viable and sustainable future for corporate learning
2. Many corporate LMS implementations are too focused on reducing the admin burden and not sufficiently focused on enabling the business to meet its future challenges
3. LMS decisions are often plagued by corporate politics, poor organisational alignment and a lack of strategic understanding and vision, resulting in long and expensive procurement processes with a limited chance of delivering real value...

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SUN Microsystems India: $5 million for the programme

SUN announced it would provide a series of hardware, software and Web-based training material that would enable Indian students to benefit from Sun's technology. Sun has provided the technology as part of its education grants and donations programme.

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E-learning inspires Euro universities

Universities are embracing e-learning, with three quarters of the major European universities claiming to have either implemented e-learning systems or having plans to implement one within the next three years.

A survey of 150 European universities commissioned by e-learning specialist WebCT indicates that student access to electronic resources is expanding fast beyond traditional library resources.

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